Embroidered Investigation

Embroidery is mostly used for decorating fabrics. The fabric needs a backing for a nice embroidery result. It depends on the fabric, threads and use of the embroidered fabric which backing is recommended.

By using two layers of solvy fabric it’s possible to make an embroidered fabric. 

Softness & stiffness - By adding layers on top of another layer or by increasing the density, the fabric is made of more threads, resulting in a stiffer fabric.

A filled in form is softer compared to a piece that’s made out of forms.


Different stitches & scales - By using and combining different stitches and by changing the scale, the properties and looks of the fabric changes. For a nice and desired finishing of the outlines, it’s very important to choose the stitch wisely.


Construction - By combining two or more embroidered pieces it’s possible to make 3d forms. For example by embroidering two or more embroidered pieces on top of another embroidered piece, it’s possible to make details for a garment.

I invented and gathered this knowledge during my internship at the Wearable Senses Lab, TU/e. Resulting in products and productive collaborations.