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Our Dearest Closet

Our Dearest Closet is a unisex collection of which the separate pieces are exchangeable. The shore of Zeeland, the Netherlands, where I have gathered many valuable memories with my friends and family, inspired me.

Being surrounded by your loved ones means true richness. People should spend more time together in this fast world we live in. This project has a link with the social theme: solidarity with family versus individualization.

Within this project it is all about being transparent about natural, high quality materials, treating clothes with care and sharing those with my loved ones, while being aware of the environment.

Starting this intense relationship with clothes, fabrics through manipulating fabrics. Thread after thread, time-consuming, making the exact desired fabric. A relationship grows, like woven or knitted fabrics. I only work with natural materials. Sustainability is important to me and I prefer locally produced products. I think products become more valuable if the background is transparent. 

This project was exposed at Design Perron during Dutch Design Week 2017.

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